Project Description

Why our clients use us to grind their tree stumps?

  • Reduce the risk of termites
  • Improve your garden’s appearance
  • Replanting
  • Landscaping changes
  • Remove trip hazards

Once your tree has been felled or removed, the stump that remains is best ground out using a stump grinder.

This is done by using a hydraulically driven machine (of which there are various different sizes available, dependent on the size of tree stump that requires stump grinding) that has a spinning wheel on the front with teeth that grind the stump into little pieces of mulch. As it does so, it mixes the waste with the surrounding soil so you are left with a mixture of soil and very fine mulch. This means that your soil benefits from the additional nutrients found in the mulch.

This is often left to settle over the following couple weeks in order to fill the hole where the stump was, and any excess can be spread around the garden, or can be removed if required.

Specialised RM Services have the experience, staff and equipment to ensure that our customers can rest assured of the very best stump grinding solution for their properties. For more information on our stump grinding, please feel free to contact us today.